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Workouts To Do At Home

10 Body-Sculpting Workouts

to do at home

Remember that strengthening the body with exercise and balanced nutrition is essential to strengthening your immune system! A strong immune system will help your body to fight off illness.

During this period of social distancing, it can be difficult to prioritize your health and exercise. We’re here to help by sharing 10 exercises that you can easily do to improve flexibility, build strength, and break a sweat at home for a thorough workout routine.

1. Leg Extension Yoga Stretch

Start by laying on your back on a yoga mat.

Loop a belt or resistance band around the ball of one foot, holding the ends in your hands. Slowly extend this leg straight up towards the ceiling, keeping the sole of your foot parallel to the floor.

Keep your opposite leg extended out on the floor, or bend at the knee if this is more comfortable.

Using the belt or band, gently pull your leg towards your chest, taking deep breaths and remembering to keep your leg straight. Hold this stretch for three deep breaths, and then repeat with your other leg.

2. Supine Twist Yoga Stretch

This is a great stretch to alleviate tension in your lower back. Lay flat on your back on a yoga mat and draw your upwards into a 90-degree bend. Cross your right leg over the left, and then gently twist your hips and low back to the right until your legs are resting on the ground.

Extend your arms out to the sides and look over your left shoulder, feeling the twist and stretch from your lower back to your neck. Hold this stretch for three deep breaths before repeating in the opposite direction.

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3. Happy Baby Yoga Stretch

Lay on your back on a yoga mat and pull your knees into your chest. Gently hug your knees into your armpits, feeling a stretch in your thighs and lower back. Bring your hands in between your knees to grab the soles of your feet, and bring them parallel to the ceiling. Slowly rock to the left and right, breathing deeply as you stretch and open the hips.

Yoga is a great practice for improving balance, flexibility, and overall mental and physical wellness. Read this blog on why yoga is beneficial for everyone – at any age or ability.

4. Side Stretch

Stand straight with your hands extended towards the ceiling, fingers interlaced.

Slowly bend from side to side, feeling the muscles of your abdomen stretch and extend. Remember to breathe deeply, exhaling as you bend to the side.

Take this stretch slowly. Repeat multiple times on each side of the body, stretching and loosening your oblique muscles.

5. Lateral Pulse

Work out the backs of your upper arms using a resistance band. Extend your arms straight in front of your with the resistance band around your palms. Make small pulses outwards, allowing the resistance band to activate the muscles of your arms. Do two repetitions of these for 15 seconds each.

6. Tricep Kickbacks

Use 5lb weights for this exercise. Stand with your feet a shoulder-distance apart and extend one leg a short distance behind you. Lean forward slightly and tighten your abdominal muscles, tucking your elbows up towards your body.

Grip the weights and extend your arms behind you, gently extending your elbow and engaging your tricep muscles, and then slowly curl them back until your wrists are in line with your elbows. Do 10-15 repetitions twice, resting in between each set.

7. Bicep Curls

Stand with your feet a shoulder-distance apart, knees bent slightly, and lean your shoulders forward to feel your abdominal muscles tighten. Using 5-10lb weights, grip your weights with your arms extended at your sides.

Bend your elbows and curl your hands towards your shoulders, and then lower them back towards your hips. Remember to keep your elbows as stationary as possible. Repeat this 10-15 times, rest, and then do one more set of 10-15 curls.

8. Rear Deltoid Press

Stand with your feet a shoulder-distance apart and roll your shoulders back. Bend your knees gently and lean forward slightly to engage your abdomen.

Grip your 5lb weights, hanging your arms at your sides with your elbows slightly extended. Stretch your arms out straight behind you and then slowly bring them back forward until they touch your thighs. Do 10-15 repetitions two times, resting in between each set.

9. Bent-Over Rows

Stand with your feet together and bend at the waist. Hook a resistance band under your feet and pull the band up towards your chest. Tuck your elbows into the body as you pull the band upward, exhaling as your elbows reach your waist. Do two sets of 15 rows, resting between each set.

10. Teapot Core Workout

Stand straight with your legs a shoulder-width apart. Hook a resistance band under your left foot and stretch the band upward with your left hand. Touch your right hand to your right temple, keeping your elbow pointed away from your body.

Keep your lower body tight and bend to your right with your upper body, feeling the stretch in your left oblique before returning to bend towards the left side. Repeat this for 15 times, rest, and do a second set before repeating on the opposite side.

We hope that you give a few (or all!) of these exercises a try to get your blood pumping at home, and strengthen your immune system even further with our line of Well Theory products for stress management, inflammation reduction, and overall health.


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