Microdosing: The Best Way to Start Taking CBD?

Microdosing: The Best Way to Start Taking CBD?


how to do it, and why you should

CBD, otherwise known as Cannabidiol, is just one therapeutic cannabinoid found in cannabis and the industrial hemp plant. While CBD is largely found to be safe at low and high doses, the science surrounding its effects is new. Your dosage amount is going to be a subjective experience, and that makes it tough to know where to begin. This is why microdosing, especially when you’re first starting out with CBD, is a great way to get started.

What is Microdosing?

and how to do it

Essentially, microdosing involves taking small amounts of CBD on a regular schedule and documenting the effects. It’s perfect for beginners and ideal for those who are looking to “reset” their endocannabinoid system to return to a smaller therapeutic dose. Over time, it is perhaps possible to develop a tolerance to CBD (this is being studied), so microdosing is a great way to overcome that obstacle.

For beginners, microdosing helps you understand the effects CBD has on your body – and if you need a higher or lower dose. Microdosing is a tool you can use to find your optimal dosage range, the optimal time of day to take CBD, and more.

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Microdosing is actually being used with psychedelic medications like LSD and mushrooms now to treat depression and anxiety. This is a known and beneficial way to get natural remedies into your system safely.

How to Start Microdosing

creating a personalized schedule

Below is a sample schedule that you can try, but remember – adapt it to your routines. If you have never taken CBD before, it may be best to start off trying CBD right before bed, or microdosing during a weekend where you don’t have to be at work. Use your intuition to guide you as you create your own microdosing regimen.

You can use our CBD Oil Tincture to develop your regimen. It has a dropper that makes microdosing easy! 

You can control how many drops are released by gently depressing the rubber tip of the dropper. We recommend dropping CBD oil directly into your mouth for quicker absorption.

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7 AM
1 drop on an empty stomach.
8 AM
2 drops with morning tea or coffee.
9 AM
3 drops with a light breakfast.
10 AM
4 drops with a tall glass of water.
11 AM
5 drops with an early lunch or protein-packed snack, like a handful of almonds.

Right before you take the next dose, write down any symptoms you experienced over the last hour. Sometimes, drowsiness is not uncommon. If you had a headache, is it gone now? Is any muscle soreness diminished? Here are some good questions to ask yourself:

  • On a scale of 1-10, how is your anxiety level?
  • On a scale of 1-10, what is your pain level?
  • On a scale of 1-10, how comfortable/relaxed are you?

Feel free to add more questions depending on the intent behind your new CBD routine. If you wanted to relieve stress in the middle of a workday, compare notes from multiple days of microdosing and see if your mood has improved. Of course, to really know the effects of CBD you need to keep the same sort of journal for a month or so before beginning this natural treatment to know what your baseline symptoms and side effects are.

After one morning of microdosing, you’ll have taken a little over half of a full serving of our CBD oil tincture. If you don’t feel any effects, continue to add more drops every hour until you reach the end of the day. This should give you a good idea of how much – half a dropper, or a full dropper, or somewhere in between – you need for optimal results.

What Happens after Microdosing?

develop your routine

Microdosing is a great short-term solution for finding your optimal dose. However, once you find it, you can begin to take CBD in the dose you’ve determined is best for you. From there, you can take that amount once, twice, or even three times a day, and slowly increase your dose as needed.

A lot of people find that they can handle 1-2 servings a day, aka, 1-2 dropperfuls. You may need more than that, and that’s okay. This process is all about finding the correct dose for you.

Once you get used to CBD and know that you won’t have any adverse effects, you can take it in the morning in lemon water, mid-afternoon during your lunch break, or at home when you’re winding down for the evening. You can also take it as-needed to reduce inflammation and soreness after exercise, relieve anxiety or stress, or right as you’re going to bed for restful sleep.

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