Female holding Pterostilbene Jar - 5 Benefits of Pterostilbene

5 Benefits Of Pterostilbene

5 Benefits Of Pterostilbene

Female holding Pterostilbene Jar - 5 Benefits of Pterostilbene

What Is Pterostilbene

and where does it come from?

Pterostilbene is a naturally occurring antioxidant found in plants, similar to resveratrol, but more powerful. Pterostilbene is the main antioxidant component found in blueberries. While you can eat blueberries to get your pterostilbene, you would have to eat a lot of them to get the up to 250 mg suggested dose. Eating an entire pack of blueberries (6oz) would only get you about 0.03 to 0.18 mg, meaning you’d have to eat a ton of blueberries to get the full effects of pterostilbene! You can receive many benefits from incorporating more pterostilbene in your daily life. That said, we recommend that you still eat blueberries for the fiber!

Oxidative Stress Cell Progression

Fight Free Radicals

Pterostilbene is highly antioxidant. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals to prevent cellular damage. Free radicals are molecules or singlet electrons that may cause heart disease, cancer, and other diseases. Studies have found that people that consume fewer antioxidants in their diet are more susceptible to chronic illness and other diseases.

Belly Fat Anatomy

Improve Metabolism

Recent studies show that pterostilbene has blood sugar-balancing effects, similar to those of metformin. Pterostilbene has also been found to help burn excess calories, by aiding the brown adipose tissue (a type of fat in the body) in producing more heat to burn more calories. It has also been found that Pterostilbene may improve insulin sensitivity by blocking sugar from being converted into fats. Therefore, preventing the fat cells from enlarging.

Doctor Measuring Blood Pressure

Heart Health

Cardiovascular disease is the number cause of death in both women and men in the United States. Aiding heart health is in everyone’s best interest! Due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, pterostilbene helps lower the risk of heart disease. Pterostilbene has been found to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart health issues.

Person With Knee Joint Pain

Joint Pain Support

The anti-inflammatory properties of pterostilbene help reduce low-grade chronic inflammation by inhibiting COX-2 enzymes, a compound that promotes inflammation. An excess of activity of these enzymes is related to many chronic diseases. One of our primary goals is to reduce low-grade chronic inflammation.

Man Post Workout


Pterostilbene may help with brain health and cognition as you age. One study showed that pterostilbene improved mood and anxiety, increased dopamine, and improved cognitive function. Pterostilbene improves the effects of NMN when taken together.

Pterostilbene is a powerful and highly bioavailable antioxidant. Pterostilbene can more readily pass through cell membranes—making it more available to support cellular pathways. When taken daily Pterostilbene fights excess free radicals that can lead to cellular destruction and low-grade inflammation.

Dr. Meredith Warner Baton Rouge Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Meredith Warner is the creator of Well Theory and The Healing Sole. She is a board-certified Orthopedic Surgeon and Air Force Veteran.

She is on a mission to disrupt traditional medicine practices and promote betterment physically, spiritually and mentally to many more people. She advocates for wellness and functional health over big pharma so more people can age vibrantly with more function and less pain.

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