Weight Loss & Diabetic Management With Alpha-Lipoic Acid & Berberine

Diabetic symptoms, like inflammation and insulin sensitivity, have as much impact on your weight as they do on your pain receptors.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA) and Berberine offer a natural solution to both pain relief and weight management!

Thanks to these supplements’ natural anti-inflammatory properties, effects on Leptin and AMPK, and energy-boosting benefits, these daily supplements can curb your appetite and give you the fuel you need to lead an active lifestyle.

How Does Alpha-Lipoic Acid & Berberine Affect Weight Loss?


Fights Damaging Inflammation

ALA & Berberine block inflammation in the body. This inflammation can throw your natural hormones off balance, inhibit metabolism, and lead to resistance of leptin, or your body’s hormone for weight management.


Boosts Metabolism

Energy is produced within the mitochondria to fuel the body for exercise and increase your calorie burn. Low ALA levels can decrease mitochondrial energy production. With ALA supplementation, you can naturally boost your energy production and metabolism.


Increases Insulin Sensitivity

Insulin influences the growth of fat cells. When insulin levels are too high, as is common for those with diabetes or insulin resistance, this can lead to weight gain. ALA & Berberine aid in sustaining healthy insulin levels and blocking weight gain!

Suppresses Appetite

Suppresses Appetite

AMPK (AMP-activated protein kinase) and Leptin work within the body to control metabolism, influence fat storage, and control energy. ALA & Berberine help to suppress any substances that inhibit their function, in turn curbing hunger and boosting energy.

Here's How To Promote Healthy Weight Loss That Lasts


1. Practice Portion Control

Pay attention to how much food you are consuming for each meal to ensure that you are not over or under-eating. 

Using smaller plates is also an easy way to control your portion and trick your brain into being more satisfied.

Portion Control

2. Eat More Fruits, Vegetables, & Spices

Making fruits and vegetables the largest portion of your meals helps you to get adequate nutrients into your diet and keep you feeling full and satisfied with healthier options.

Consuming spicy foods, as long as they are not high in sodium, can also help boost your metabolism!

Fruits & Vegetables

3. Get Plenty Of Antioxidants

Antioxidants promote healthy weight loss and increase your metabolic rate.

Get plenty of antioxidants by drinking sugar-free coffees and green tea or eating antioxidant-rich foods like asparagus, sweet potatoes, and kale.

Foods Rich in Antioxidants

4. Decrease Your Sugar Consumption

Processed sugar leads to a wealth of health issues, from diabetes to obesity and heart disease.

Avoid sugary foods and beverages, and make sure to check the nutrition information on products to stay aware of your sugar intake.

Decrease Your Sugar Consumption

5. Manage Weight With Supplements

As stated above, Alpha-Lipoic Acid & Berberine can greatly influence the body’s ability to burn fat and suppress hunger.

Reach for this natural supplement to enhance your weight loss!

Alpha-Lipoic Acid Supplement Jar for Diabetic Neuropathy & Nerve Pain Relief Shown in Hand



Universal Antioxidant For Diabetes Support

Alpha-lipoic acid is most commonly used for its benefits for neuropathy.

However, it has been found that ALA may increase insulin sensitivity and help reduce blood sugar by decreasing oxidative stress and inflammation throughout the body, making this supplement an excellent choice for well-rounded diabetes symptom support.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid Supplement Jar for Diabetic Neuropathy & Nerve Pain Relief Shown With Benefits
Berberine: Longevity Series - Active AMPK, Metabolic Health Supplement Jar With Benefits

General Health + Blood Sugar Control + Fight Belly Fat

Berberine HCl increases AMPK activation which in turn increases insulin sensitivity, lowers blood glucose levels, and lowers triglyceride production. Increased AMPK activation and the effects it has on the body have been scientifically linked to unlocking the biological gates to a longer lifespan.

Total Nervous System Health Support

Peripheral neuropathy is one of the most common, and worrisome, symptoms of unmanaged diabetes.

This surgeon-formulated multi includes nourishing ingredients like anti-inflammatory PEA, NAC, Chlorella, and more to protect your entire nervous system from damage while reducing neuropathic pain.

Nervous System Multivitamin Jar with Benefits

You Can Take Steps To Improve Your Overall Health Today.

Find natural, lasting relief with Well Theory.

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Well Theory: Founded To Support Your Health Goals

Dr. Warner founded Well Theory according to her beliefs about functional medicine, or functional wellness, verses conventional medicine.

Take Charge Of Your Health With Well Theory
Conventional medicine often overlooks holistic, long-term lifestyle changes in favor of prescribing heavy pharmaceuticals, recommending harsh and invasive treatments like surgeries, and more in an attempt to stop pain or disease as it occurs. 

Find Wellness Alternatives That Work – For You.
I think we all know that conventional and modern medicine is reactionary and piecemeal, whereas good medicine should be proactive and encompass the whole of you and your body’s systems.

How We Support You On Your Wellness Journey:
Functional healing focuses more on supporting an already healthy lifestyle – or adapting routines to create a healthier way of living – instead of merely responding to illness and injury with treatments designed to only address symptoms.

At Well Theory, we believe that you are ultimately in charge of accomplishing your health goals. We just give you the tools and resources you need to get started towards a path to better overall wellness.

We believe that you should be empowered in your health journey.

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Take The First Step Towards A Life Lived Well:


Dr. Warner encourages you to make an empowered choice. Self-treat your pain at home, first, with natural options that fit into your lifestyle. 

Our Goal For You:

Our goal is not to treat the symptoms of illness but to support you in your long-term wellness journey as you transform your health for the better, in a way that lasts.

Ultimately, your body has the tools it needs to self-heal and treat problems. We simply seek to enhance those natural abilities.

Our products and resources are all designed to be worked seamlessly into your healthy lifestyle.

No doctor’s appointments, no expensive pharmaceuticals, no troubling side effects – just natural options that actually work.


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