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In no way shape or form are we advocating CBD as a treatment for COVID. It is not. This is simply a blog about an interesting article recently published.

As researchers around the world work on ways to fight the COVID-19 epidemic, new vaccines have been developed, and new treatments have been explored.

Today, we’re talking about one study that indicated CBD could be included in a list of potentially effective treatments for some of the complications of the novel coronavirus.

Several of these studies have indicated that CBD might help reduce ACE2 expression and pro-inflammatory cytokine production - which helps fight the cytokine storm that increases lung inflammation. CBD also shows some promise in antiviral applications as well.

The study from researchers in Georgia, out of Agusta University, suggests that CBD may have a positive effect against acute respiratory distress syndrome. 

This is one of the most dangerous complications of COVID-19 and is caused by an overactive inflammatory response. This overactive inflammatory response is referred to as a “cytokine storm.” Basically, the immune cells overproduce pro-inflammatory chemicals (cytokines) that exert a massive inflammatory response on the lungs. 

This is because the immune system is out of balance and is unable to self-regulate and to only attack the virus. The immune system basically attacks everything, including the body itself.

The theory is that CBD’s highly anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects may reduce pro-inflammatory cytokine production, which helps fight off the cytokine storm that occurs during severe COVID-19 cases. 

By reducing specific cytokines that inflame respiratory passages, CBD may be able to bring down inflammation and slow down or end the acute respiratory distress associated with a cytokine storm and prevent further damage. The results from the Augusta University study support this theory.

How The Study Was Performed

This study was an animal study involving mice. 

During this study, mice were placed in a synthetic acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) state, during which blood oxygen saturation levels lowered to 10% and lung structures started to become damaged – mimicking symptoms of the worst COVID-19 cases.

Then, after the mice were undergoing a cytokine storm and displaying symptoms of respiratory distress, they were given CBD. 

The respiratory distress symptoms were partially or totally reversed after the administration of CBD.

Conclusions Of The Study

The authors concluded: “Considering all potential regulatory effects of CBD as well as the vast distribution of endocannabinoid system in the body, it is plausible that CBD may be used as a therapeutic candidate in the treatment of various inflammatory conditions including COVID-19 and other virus-induced ARDS.”

While further testing is required to validate these findings, this initial research shows that CBD’s anti-inflammatory applications have great potential in relieving acute respiratory distress symptoms.

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Dr. Meredith Warner is the creator of Well Theory and The Healing Sole. She is a board-certified Orthopedic Surgeon and Air Force Veteran.

She is on a mission to disrupt traditional medicine practices and promote betterment physically, spiritually and mentally to many more people. She advocates for wellness and functional health over big pharma so more people can age vibrantly with more function and less pain.

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