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How To Have A Healthier 2022

Happy New Year! There’s a lot to look forward to in 2022, and we’re here with Dr. Meredith Warner to help you achieve them.

Most of us begin the new year with a long list of goals in mind – but too often we fall short of our own expectations. 

It’s possible to meet your New Year’s Resolutions with the right tools and guidance!

If you’re looking to start a stable exercise routine, lose weight sustainably, and improve your overall wellness – here are our best tips that can help you successfully embark on a new wellness journey.

Achieve Your Wellness Goals

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Start Small

It’s important to manage your expectations of success in the beginning of your new wellness routine. Instead of revamping every part of your life, try choosing to build one new habit at a time so they’ll stick. If you focus on one new habit a month, you’ll have 12 new habits you’ve added to your wellness routine by 2023!

Build a Cohesive Routine

Build A Cohesive Routine

Try to get your habits to build off of each other. If, for example, one of your resolutions is to wake up earlier, you don’t want to sit in bed with nothing to do – you’ll just fall back asleep! Set alarms and intentions to journal, make a healthy breakfast, or go on a brisk walk so you have something to keep you active and occupied.

Make it Measurable

Make It Measurable

If you want to start exercising more, that’s great! But it’s important to set specific goals and even write them down. Say that you’ll start exercising 30 minutes a day, 2 times a week. From there, you can gradually increase the amount of exercise, and see how your progress changes over time. This will help keep you accountable.

Rest & Recovery

Prioritize Rest And Recovery

A lot of resolutions involve adding more habits to your routine. You should also think of what you can remove from your routine to make room for habits that can benefit you. Not enjoying your Zumba class anymore? Find a new activity that you enjoy better, or set aside that time to relax and read a book.



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Build A Healthy Foundation

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The Best Resolutions To Build Foundational Wellness


1. Improve Your Sleeping Habits

Good quality rest is vitally important to any wellness routine. As you sleep, your body heals itself, purges free radicals, and cleans toxins from your brain. Prioritize improving your sleep, and your other resolutions will become easily achievable.

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2. Reconsider Your Diet

Inflammation is the #1 lifestyle factor behind age and lifestyle-related diseases, like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and certain cancers. Eat a diet low in added sugars and sodium. Seek to improve the overall quality of your diet instead of focusing on eating certain foods or meeting certain calorie goals. If you eat a well-balanced, whole foods diet like the Mediterranean Diet, you’ll be well on your way to healthier golden years.

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3. Exercise Daily

Exercise is great for improving cardiac health, improving muscle tone to prevent future injury, and is even important for mental health too! Under the guidance of your physician, start a gentle, daily exercise routine, like a yoga class, and build upon it as you gain fitness.

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4. But Don't Forget Recovery

As you begin to exercise more, it’s normal to feel some muscle soreness. But if left unchecked, it could keep you from committing to daily exercise, or even lead to injury if you’re fatigued. Make sure you’re stretching before and after exercise, and optimize your recovery by taking supplements geared for recovery – like our highly antioxidant Tart Cherry Extract.

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5. Manage Your Expectations

It’s okay to revisit certain goals and expectations as the year progresses. If you start having to stay later at your job, it’s okay to move your exercise routine to the weekend or shorten it so you can get a quick walk in before work. If you miss a few good nights’ rest while travelling or hanging out with friends, don’t think of it as lost progress! Just try again the next day.

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You Can Take Steps To Improve Your Overall Health Today.

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Well Theory: Founded To Support Your Health Goals

Dr. Warner founded Well Theory according to her beliefs about functional medicine, or functional wellness, 

verses conventional medicine.

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Conventional medicine often overlooks holistic, long-term lifestyle changes in favor of prescribing heavy pharmaceuticals, recommending harsh and invasive treatments like surgeries, and more in an attempt to stop pain or disease as it occurs. 

Find Wellness Alternatives That Work – For You.
I think we all know that conventional and modern medicine is reactionary and piecemeal, whereas good medicine should be proactive and encompass the whole of you and your body’s systems.

How We Support You On Your Wellness Journey:
Functional healing focuses more on supporting an already healthy lifestyle – or adapting routines to create a healthier way of living – instead of merely responding to illness and injury with treatments designed to only address symptoms.

At Well Theory, we believe that you are ultimately in charge of accomplishing your health goals. We just give you the tools and resources you need to get started towards a path to better overall wellness.

We believe that you should be empowered in your health journey.

Dr. Meredith Warner Orthopedic Surgeon & Inventor of Well Theory

Take The First Step Towards A Life Lived Well:


Dr. Warner encourages you to make an empowered choice. Self-treat your pain at home, first, with natural options that fit into your lifestyle. 

Our Goal For You:

Our goal is not to treat the symptoms of illness but to support you in your long-term wellness journey as you transform your health for the better, in a way that lasts.

Ultimately, your body has the tools it needs to self-heal and treat problems. We simply seek to enhance those natural abilities.

Our products and resources are all designed to be worked seamlessly into your healthy lifestyle.

No doctor’s appointments, no expensive pharmaceuticals, no troubling side effects – just natural options that actually work.


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