How Long Does It Take For Hemp Oil To Be Effective?

Hemp oil has become a popular supplement due to its effectiveness at alleviating pain and for its mood-boosting capabilities. With a variety of forms to choose from, how do you know the right type and dosage for you to find the fastest results?

Follow these pointers when searching for the right Hemp for you.

What Forms of Hemp Can You Take?

There are many ways that cannabidiol can be consumed. With a long list of products on the market, how can you know what will truly be effective to relieve your pain?

The form of Hemp that you choose depends on the condition you are looking to treat. Topical Hemp, which includes balms, creams, sprays, and patches, are absorbed through the dermal layers of the skin and are best for targeting muscle pain and soreness or joint inflammation. For headaches or anxiety treatment, Hemp may be consumed orally through oil and capsule supplements.

Hemp vapes have also become a popular method for the consumption of Hemp, but this can be harsh on the lungs.

Make sure to consult with your personal physician if you have any questions about the right forms of Hemp for you. The form, dosage, and other factors are important with regard to condition support and a physician is a good source of general medical knowledge.

How Long Does Hemp Take To Be Effective?

For the treatment of pain such as headaches and muscle soreness, simply apply a Hemp cream to the affected area or take the specified oral dose of Hemp oil. This should take no longer than thirty minutes to an hour to take effect and provide you with relief. The amount and type of relief will be variable, of course.

The speed of effectiveness for Hemp can vary from person to person, and it can be affected by both the form of Hemp that you take as well as the quality of the product. Your weight, metabolic rate, and body composition also dictate how quickly and easily Hemp is broken down within the body.

How Can You Boost the Effectiveness of Your Hemp?

Short answer – everyone’s experience with Hemp is different due to their specific body chemistry. Here are a few tips that you can follow to increase the speed and effectiveness of your Hemp oil:

1. Follow the dosage instructions on the product label.

There are instructions on the bottle of your Hemp oil for a reason! Take the full amount of Hemp oil indicated. This builds up the amount of Hemp in your system. Missing a daily dose or taking less than the specified amount can lower the product’s efficiency.

2. Listen to your body.

Since everyone’s body responds differently to Hemp, you may consider spacing out your Hemp intake throughout your day. For example, if your daily dose is one dropper full once a day, experiment with taking half a dropper twice a day. Although to date we know of no adverse effects of this phytochemical, if you have any sort of bad reaction please stop taking the plant supplement.

3. Look for high-quality products with medical backing.

There are many brands and forms of Hemp on the market, but it can be hard to find effective products that you can trust. Do your research beforehand to help you cut out the guesswork.

At Well Theory, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality and most effective forms of Hemp to fit into your daily schedule. From patches to supplements to oil and more, we have a product to meet your needs at any point in your day.

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