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How Yoga Can Help Your Ankle Pain

Pain in one area may be caused by something going on in a completely separate part of the body.

The feet act as the foundation for all motion and function. So if you’re suffering from foot or ankle pain, this can impact things like your posture, your knee, and more.

For example, someone with ankle pain may also be found to have a dysfunctional hip that is causing them to walk and run poorly.

In this circumstance, their hip issue is the root cause of their ankle pain. If the leg and hip are ignored, this will not be discovered and the foot will remain painful.

Yoga is one of the best ways to hone in on problem areas that are causing discomfort, and naturally improve strength and flexibility to reduce pain.



How Yoga Can Improve Your Foot And Ankle Pain

Work On Balance

Work On Balance

When you take on balancing poses in yoga, like Tree Pose, this can highlight areas that need work. If you stand on one foot and feel wobbling in your ankle, you know that you need to use targeted strengthening exercises to avoid future sprains.

Reduce Existing Pain

Reduce Existing Pain

As with any exercise, yoga releases endorphins. These “feel good” chemicals help reduce pain, promote relaxation, and relieve inflammation. Mental stress can lead to physiological symptoms, so the mind-body connection of yoga is especially helpful!

Yoga is Easy to Modify

Yoga Is Easy To Modify

Many forms of exercise, such as running, are difficult to modify based on pain. Many runners, for example, use a knee or ankle brace and don’t change their routine much. With yoga, however, modifications are easy – and encouraged!

Reduce Risk of Injury

Reduce Risk Of Injury

A skilled instructor watching as you flow through yoga poses (asanas) can pinpoint areas of tension that may throw you off-balance. If there is tightness in your hip or knee, this can create future foot & ankle issues. Your instructor will help you work on improving flexibility.

Here's How To Start Your New Yoga Routine


1. Start Where You're Comfortable

While it’s always good to have an instructor guiding you through the asanas, you can always start practicing at home. Even just taking the time to breathe mindfully for a few minutes a day “counts” as yoga!

Only attempt home practice if you don’t have issues with balance, and can easily sit on the floor and get back up unassisted.

Couple Meditating

2. Manage Your Expectations

It’s called “practicing” yoga for a reason. Like all good things, it will take time to build your skill level! 

When you go into your first yoga class, or sit on your mat at home, make sure you are practicing with the mindset that you’re doing the best you can. Listen to your body and respect all of its limitations. You’ll become stronger and more flexible as time goes on!

Group Doing Yoga

3. Make It A Habit

On average, it takes about 30 days to create a new habit. 

It’s important to make yoga part of your daily life, so make sure you work it into your schedule in a realistic way. If you don’t normally get up before the sun rises – don’t. Practice yoga in the evenings instead.

Female Meditating

4. Have A Post-Yoga Recovery Plan In Place

Yoga can easily be modified for any skill level – but it can also be challenging, especially if you’re working to improve flexibility and strength. It’s common to feel muscle soreness afterwards.

Instead of reaching for a pharmaceutical pain reliever that can have harmful side effects, make a natural NSAID alternative, like Tart Cherry Extract, a part of your daily yoga routine.

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Foot Pain Relief Cream

Yoga can help relieve your foot & ankle pain long-term and assist in preventing future injuries.

But when you need fast pain without harmful side effects, reach for our specially formulated Foot Pain Relief Cream. It contains lidocaine for instant relief, and is formulated with PEA, a natural pain reliever, and a soothing blend of essential oils for long-lasting, natural relief.

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Tart Cherry Extract Supplement for Connective Tissue & Anti-Inflammatory Jar With Benefits

Tart Cherry Extract

Our Tart Cherry Extract works to naturally reduce inflammation, pain, and oxidative stress over time.

Like yoga, it takes time for natural methods of pain relief to work. But like yoga, our products are designed to steadily improve your health over time – not provide a quick, short-lived respite from symptoms. Tart Cherry Extract works to recover sore muscles, naturally relieve inflammation, and improve joint mobility – all without harmful side effects.

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