Sleep + Repair Gummy: CBD, Tart Cherry Extract, Chamomile, & GABA

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Your Body Needs Sleep To Fight Inflammation 

A delicious gummy enhanced with CBD for powerful antioxidant + anti-inflammatory support.

Dr. Warner’s formulation includes Full Spectrum CBD, Tart Cherry Extract, Chamomile, and GABA. Tart Cherry & CBD are known to engage receptors throughout your body to soothe low-grade inflammation and stabilize mood for a restorative boost.  Gaba & Chamomile help regulate your sleep cycle so you go to sleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up refreshed.

  • No Added Melatonin. Only trace amounts in Tart Cherry. 
  • Natural Stress Reliever
  • Antioxidant Support For Restorative Sleep
  • Promotes Sustained Sleep With Fewer Sleep-Wake Cycles
  • Get Inflammation + Pain under control
  • Antioxidant Ingredients Promote Healthy Mitochondria Function
  • Natural Pain Relief Without NSAIDs 

Dr. Warner recommends her patients can take up to 3,000mg of Tart Cherry Extract per day.  If you have any questions, consult with a physician for your optimal dose. 

60 Vegan Gummies / Strawberry Flavor, Gluten Free

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These ingredients work together to calm the mind, help you fall asleep quickly, and stay asleep longer.


Tart Cherry Extract reduces inflammation and provides essential antioxidants to support your body’s fight against oxidative stress. It also contains natural levels of melatonin to support a healthy sleep cycle.

GABA and CBD work to calm the mind, and CBD, along with Chamomile Extract, provides a powerful anti-inflammatory boost so your body can recover as it rests.


Surgeon-Formulated Using Ingredients
From The Purest Sources

This Sleep + Repair Gummy provides a mood-soothing, restorative boost, and the other ingredients help regulate your sleep cycle so you go to sleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up refreshed with less pain.

Tart Cherry Extract


The anthocyanins within Tart Cherry Extract are powerfully antioxidant, helping to reduce free radical damage in the muscles, joints, and connective tissues for better function with less pain + inflammation.
800 mg

Full Spectrum CBD


CBD is known to work within your body’s regulatory system to promote balance, reduce pain, and relieve inflammation. It also helps to stabilize your mood so you can fully immerse yourself in restorative sleep.

30 mg

Chamomile Extract


Chamomile Tea is well-known for improving sleep quality, but has many other benefits as well. Chamomile Extract has long been used for its antioxidant benefits to soothe inflammation and pain throughout the body. 

6 mg



This neurotransmitter has been shown to be extremely effective at easing anxiousness, racing thoughts, and promoting restful, uninterrupted sleep. GABA, like serotonin, is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that produces a calming effect by blocking excitatory neurotransmitters, like dopamine – which soothes anxiety and stress.
50 mg

Inflammation Support + Recovery + Restoration

This sleep + repair gummy provides benefits that most sleep aids don’t. This formulation is enhanced with Tart Cherry Extract, GABA, and CBD to aid your body in its essential “housekeeping” tasks as you sleep.
Sleep & Repair Gummy with CBD: Full Spectrum CBD Gummy with Tart Cherry, GABA, & Chamomile



Tart cherries are flavonoid-rich, which helps to protect the body from taking on damage from free radicals. Daily supplementation can help to promote healthy joint tissue and alleviate painful symptoms of inflammatory conditions.



Tart cherries are packed full of anthocyanins, or natural, palnt-based antioxidants. This helps to relieve oxidative stress and promote cardiovascular health.



Tart cherries are a natural daily supplement with no known side effects. Take daily as directed for improved health and wellness!



Tart cherries are rich in vital nutrients like high concentrations of flavonoids that help speed up your recovery so you feel your best.

Natural Ingredients

Our products are packed with natural ingredients that you can trust to effectively relieve your pain, support your health, and contribute to healthy aging.


Our Well Theory products are developed and formulated by Dr. Meredith Warner, an orthopedic surgeon & creator of The Healing Sole, who is passionate about helping you recover naturally and boost wellness.

Improved Wellness

Well Theory empowers you with the tools and education you need to harness the body’s natural methods of healing to help you Live Well and Age Vibrantly.
The Well Theory Products With Model


Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Meredith Warner, developed a simple well theory: People should be empowered to combine the power of natural medicine with the technical advances and utility of traditional medicine-based therapies.

For too long, the two schools of thought have been bitter enemies. She uses both on a daily basis in her practice of orthopedic surgery and wants to expand this offering to the world.

We envision a world that is as enthusiastic about general health, wellness, and overall happiness as we are. We are obsessed with innovations that improve health and promote wellness.

By law, the FDA does not approve dietary supplements. However, they do regulate both dietary supplements and dietary ingredients.

At Well Theory, we follow what the FDA established for dietary supplements in 2007 called “current Good Manufacturing Practice” (cGMP).

These regulations require that each batch of our products are tested for identity, purity, strength, and composition, so we can be sure that what’s on the label is what’s in the product.

CBD is short for ‘cannabinoid’ – this is a group of compounds of the hemp plant. It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-glycemic, liver-protective, and neuroprotectant qualities.

It is very different from THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), as it does not encourage any psychoactive traits.

CBD engages your endocannabinoid system, which regulates your body’s homeostasis – CBD can therefore potentially reduce your inflammatory response, relieve pain, and help your body achieve balance.

CBD does not contain any psychoactive component that is associated with marijuana or similar products.

For best results, use for 3-6 months and beyond. Take two (2) capsules by mouth once daily before going to bed. 

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