Virtual CBD Health Consultation with Meredith Warner, MD


Receive a private consultation & education session with Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Meredith Warner without leaving your home! If you are a Louisiana resident curious about how to incorporate the natural benefits of CBD into your life, schedule today.
  • Eliminate the stigma around CBD
  • Feel comfortable learning about and experimenting with CBD
  • How can CBD help you feel better
  • How to implement CBD into your daily routine
  • Understand what health conditions would benefit from CBD

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  • Once your appointment has been confirmed with Dr. Warner’s clinic, the session is non-refundable.  Dr. Warner is a practicing physician so appointment times have to be upheld so that everyone can be seen in a timely matter.  
  • 100% money-back guarantee prior to setting the appointment.  

Dr. Warner is only opening up the consultations to people living in Louisiana where she is board certified.  We are adding states so check back. 

  1. Purchase the consultation on our website
  2. A team member from Dr. Warner’s Orthopedic clinic, Warner Orthopedics & Wellness(, will reach out to you and set up the appointment.
  3. You will receive an invitation to a web meeting via Zoom software from our Well Theory team  
  4. Please arrive on time for your consultation
  5. Please be prepared with your questions, existing medications, and wellness goals 
  6. You will receive your 30% discount available for use on all products on the Well Theory’s website 
  7. Be excited!  You are taking a great step in your wellness journey

Each session is 20 minutes long.