Wake Well – After-Alcohol Recovery Aid

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Dr. Warner’s Wake Well is packed with ingredients curated to help your body efficiently metabolize alcohol, address inflammation, support your liver health, and replenish depleted nutrients. 

Alcohol consumption can lead to the depletion of specific vitamins and minerals in the body.  These nutrients are essential for various metabolic processes, and a deficiency can worsen hangover symptoms. Supplementing may help replenish these nutrients.

Benefits of Wake Well:

  • Alcohol Toxins – packed with nutrients to address nutrient deficiencies that occur while drinking 
  • After-Alcohol Aid – Take after your last drink to help aid your body in processing alcohol out of your body’s systems
  • Alcohol Metabolizer & Liver Health – Curated ingredients help facilitate the transformation of ethanol into acetyl-CoA which the body is able to metabolize.
  • Antioxidant Properties: Alcohol consumption can lead to the production of free radicals in the body, causing oxidative stress and cellular damage. Antioxidants like Tart Cherry, Vitamin C, and Zinc can help neutralize these free radicals, potentially reducing the severity of hangover symptoms.
  • Sugar/Glucose Control: Chromium is involved in glucose metabolism, and it may help stabilize blood sugar levels, which can fluctuate after alcohol consumption. This stabilization could potentially reduce feelings of fatigue and weakness associated with hangovers.
  • Energy Production: NMN supplementation may support cellular energy production, helping to counteract the lethargy often experienced during a hangover.
  • Wake Up Feeling Restored – Reduces the harsh effects of hangovers

Includes 30 Capsules. 2 capsules per serving.

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Clinical Dosing:


Our Wake Well supplement is a unique formulation that can help your body metabolize alcohol more efficiently to leave you waking up feeling refreshed and ready to start your day without regretting last night. Take 2 capsules following your last beverage or right before bed to wake up feeling refreshed!


Surgeon-Formulated Using Ingredients
From The Purest Sources

Our surgeon-formulated Wake Well supplement is specially curated to help maximize your body’s ability to avoid hangover symptoms by facilitating alcohol metabolism.

Chromium Chloride


Alcohol consumption can increase insulin resistance allowing the body to accumulate excess blood glucose. Chromium has been shown to mitigate this phenomenon which in turn reduces the severity of hypoglycemic crashes seen in hangovers.

50 mcg

L-Cysteine HCL


Studies have shown that supplementing with L-Cysteine after alcohol consumption can decrease acetaldehyde levels in the stomach. Acetaldehyde is synthesized by the body when metabolizing ethanol present in the alcoholic beverages you consume.

400 mg



NMN is a precursor molecule to NAD+ a key component of the body’s metabolic system especially in the citric acid cycle which is the body’s pathway to metabolizing alcohol into useable energy.

400 mg

Tart Cherry Extract


Tart cherries have an abundance of anthocyanins and flavanols. These compounds allow tart cherries to reduce inflammation and decrease oxidative stress in the brain and throughout the body.

500 mg

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)


Vitamin B1 or Thiamine enables the body to metabolize carbohydrates and glucose into energy. Alcohol consumption has been linked with B1 deficiency which can in turn cause GI upset, fatigue, nausea, and etc.

25 mg

Vitamin C


Vitamin C has been shown to deplete when drinking alcohol as it can become more difficult for the pancreas to absorb this vitamin. Vitamin C supplementation has been shown through a study to potentially help the body clear alcohol from the bloodstream

300 mg



Zinc can help the body overcome hangover symptoms by breaking down ethanol into acetaldehyde – the first step in metabolizing alcohol out of the body.

50 mg

After Alcohol Aid & Liver Support

This Wake Well After Alcohol Aid is formulated by an orthopedic surgeon to help your body’s natural alcohol metabolism processes and assist in keeping the liver healthy.

Wake Well



The Wake Well Supplement supports and boosts the body’s alcohol metabolism pathway by assisting in the conversion of unusable ethanol into acetaldehyde and even further into acetic acid and acetyl-CoA which can easily be processed by the body’s citric acid cycle into energy, water, and carbon dioxide.



This unique formula helps the body replenish lost vitamins and minerals while assisting with the processing of alcohol to be easily processed by the liver into energy and waste.



Acetaldehyde is a harmful chemical that is a byproduct of ethanol metabolism. It can lead to damaged DNA which can negatively impact normal cell growth, repair, and function. Our supplement can help facilitate the further breakdown of acetaldehyde into less harmful chemicals.



Through the boosting of alcohol metabolism and replenishment of essential vitamins and minerals nasty hangover symptoms can be avoided.

Natural Ingredients

Dr. Warner’s Well Theory products are packed with natural ingredients that you can trust to effectively relieve your pain, support your health, and contribute to healthy aging.


Our Well Theory products are developed and formulated by Dr. Meredith Warner, an orthopedic surgeon & creator of The Healing Sole, who is passionate about helping you recover naturally and boost wellness.

Improved Wellness

Well Theory empowers you with the tools and education you need to harness the body’s natural methods of healing to help you Live Well and Age Vibrantly.
The Well Theory Products With Model


Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Meredith Warner, developed a simple well theory: People should be empowered to combine the power of natural medicine with the technical advances and utility of traditional medicine-based therapies.

For too long, the two schools of thought have been bitter enemies. She uses both on a daily basis in her practice of orthopedic surgery and wants to expand this offering to the world.

We envision a world that is as enthusiastic about general health, wellness, and overall happiness as we are. We are obsessed with innovations that improve health and promote wellness.

For best results, use for 3-6 months and beyond. Chew two (2) gummies by mouth once daily before going to bed. 

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