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The Benefits Of Olive Leaf Extract

Most of us are familiar with the delicious olive fruit and olive oil. But are you familiar with the leaves of the olive tree? Olive tree leaves have been a popular part of the Mediterranean region’s diet and traditional medicine for centuries. 

Outside of the Mediterranean, the consumption of olive leaves is not as popular. They have proven to be a great natural addition to medicine. Here we give a very brief overview of this neglected part of the amazing olive plant.

Benefits Of Olive Leaf Extract

Scientists have begun to discover the benefits of olive leaf extract in the last few years. Studies have found that they can potentially help lower bad cholesterol, decrease blood pressure, promote heart health, and ward off other diseases. This is generally recognized as a safe plant and can be used for health and wellness at home and daily if needed. 

There is a richness within the leaves of phenolic compounds; these are very beneficial phytochemicals. The most well known and studied of these phytochemicals is oleuropein; there is up to 90mg of this phytochemical per 1 gram of dry leaf. This is a glycoside.

Its Effects On Cholesterol

A 2008 study studied the effects of adding olive leaf extract to our daily diet and found that those who took the extract had significantly lowered low-density lipoprotein (LDL) levels, the wrong type of cholesterol. 

When there is LDL present, as there normally is in the body, olive leaf extract can inhibit and prevent the oxidation of that LDL. Oxidized-LDL is the real danger, not simple LDL.

Another study from 2011 studied the effects on hypertension (high blood pressure) by comparing olive leaf extract with captopril, a popular high blood pressure medication. The study concluded that the results between the two groups of participants were comparable. The dose was 500mg of olive leaf extract twice a day. This study was double-blind and randomized. (Phytomedicine 18(4):2011)

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Heart Health And Other Diseases

Olive leaves naturally contain polyphenols (oleacein and oleuropein) that are believed to help lower the risk of developing conditions such as heart disease and some cancers. These compounds are highly antioxidant and act as free radical scavengers. It prevents lipoprotein oxidation. It also can inhibit platelet aggregation and is anti-atherogenic. It inhibits copper partnered LDL oxidation as well.

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