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Tired? Increase Your Energy With A Change In Diet

We have all experienced the dreaded afternoon slump in the middle of a very productive day. Once it hits, all we want to do is stop what we are doing and take a nice peaceful nap. 

But did you know you could easily overcome this phenomenon by simply changing up your diet for one geared toward maximizing your energy throughout the day? Here’s how:

You Need To Drink More Water

Water is a vital part of maintaining life and providing us with energy. Without enough water, the human body starts to slowly shut down because of dehydration. One of the first signs of dehydration is fatigue. 

You might not notice it at first, but when you’re dehydrated, you might also get a headache or muscle cramps. 

Remember: your body needs close to 3 liters of water each day. You only start feeling thirsty if you are already dehydrated!

Choosing Energetic Alternatives

Brown rice

With more vitamins, minerals, fiber, and nutrition than white rice, brown rice can give you more energy by encouraging the breakdown of carbohydrates and proteins to increase energy production in the body. Brown rice also helps us regulate blood sugar levels!


Don’t grab a bowl of sugary cereal instead, go for a bowl of oatmeal. Eaten as a meal by itself or as a small snack, oatmeal can give your body B vitamins, iron, and manganese – key vitamins and minerals that help fuel the body’s ability to change food into energy! 

Oatmeal is an excellent source of cardioprotective fiber and is also a healthy source of protein. You might even want to top a bowl off with some banana that is a great source of potassium! Or some strawberries packed with vitamin C and flavonoids! Dr. Warner loves to add dried tart cherries to her oatmeal.


Not a food we typically eat, beets contain nitrates – these are compounds that improve blood flow, which in turn helps oxygen flow more efficiently to all parts of our body. Oxygen is vital in our body’s ability to produce and store energy. 

Eat Small, Frequent Meals

Many of us are used to eating 3 large meals in a day with maybe a snack added into the mix every so often. There is actually a much more efficient way to eat in order to maintain your energy throughout the day. 

By eating much smaller meals and snacks every few hours, your body will have a better reserve to pull from to keep you going through your day. Large meals take a lot of energy, blood and oxygen from the brain and muscles for digestion and processing. 

Smaller meals are more efficiently broken up and used by the body; this leaves more ongoing energy for the rest of your system, especially the brain.

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Dr. Meredith Warner is the creator of Well Theory and The Healing Sole. She is a board-certified Orthopedic Surgeon and Air Force Veteran.

She is on a mission to disrupt traditional medicine practices and promote betterment physically, spiritually and mentally to many more people. She advocates for wellness and functional health over big pharma so more people can age vibrantly with more function and less pain.

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