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Choosing A Multi-Vitamin You Can Trust - A Surgeon's Guide

Why You need a daily multivitamin

designed for bones, joints, & immune function

Your bones are constantly being remade – old bone is broken down, and new bone is made. As you age, you reach peak bone mass around age 30. Your body will still create new bone, but at a slower rate than it did when you were younger. To combat this, you should consume more calcium-dense foods and supplement if necessary.

“For adults ages 19 to 50 and men ages 51 to 70, the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) is 1,000 milligrams (mg) of calcium a day. The recommendation increases to 1,200 mg a day for women after age 50 and for men after age 70 as well as those healing from surgery.”

Bone Health: Tips To Keep Your Bones Healthy (Mayo Clinic)

Most people are not getting the nutrition they need on a daily basis from their diet which hinders their ability to recover from orthopedic issues or surgical interventions – especially as they age.

There are many multivitamins on the market, but orthopedic surgeon Dr. Meredith Warner wasn’t able to find one formulation that provided all the essential vitamins and minerals she wanted for her patients in one single bottle and with the appropriate dosing needed – especially those who are considering surgery and will need help recovering quickly post-op.

As we age, hormonal changes alter how our bodies process vitamins and minerals from our food, slowing things like calcium absorption, which is an essential part of maintaining bone health. As it becomes more difficult to take in the right amount of vitamins, it becomes more necessary to supplement where needed to maintain your standard of wellness.

The time to start a supplement regimen is now

but where do you start?

Even a decrease in mobility can affect your vitamin intake. Vitamin D, which you can receive from sunlight, plays an important role in calcium absorption. If you go outside less often due to things like joint inflammation, you will receive less Vitamin D – which creates a vicious cycle.

With less exposure to Vitamin D, you will have more difficulty absorbing the right amount of calcium, which will directly affect your musculoskeletal health – further limiting your mobility as you age

Aging is a natural process - but instead of addressing negative symptoms as they appear, wouldn’t you rather maintain your standard of health as you get older? If you start taking care of your body now, it will age with grace and you will lose less function over time.

And often as we age, our appetites decrease. The best way to efficiently absorb nutrients is naturally, through our diets – but with less food intake, you receive fewer vitamins and minerals. This loss of appetite combined with slower bone replacement – which happens naturally as you age – make supplements that specifically support bone health essential for avoiding fractures and maintaining your quality of life.

How to choose the right multivitamin

and what you need to look for

When you walk into the pharmacy section of any grocery store, you are presented with a multitude of choices – countless brands offering different multivitamins, and an even greater number of individual vitamins, minerals, and supplements. 

Choosing the right multivitamin or supplement regimen isn’t as easy as picking up a bottle or two off the shelf – blending essential nutrients into a single dose is a complicated process.

Absorption effectiveness of certain vitamins depends heavily on what other vitamins you pair with them, and in what dosage size.

For example, taking Vitamin C alongside an Iron supplement can help your body process the iron more efficiently.

Other vitamins, when taken at the same time, either “compete” for absorption or could even cancel each other out.

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To further complicate matters, the FDA struggles to regulate supplements.  Many multivitamins that make claims about improving things like health, sleep, and overall wellness may be making inaccurate claims.

Needless to say, it can be difficult and time-consuming to research the accuracy of those health claims yourself. This creates a problem for consumers who are uncertain of how to vet their supplement intake. Choosing the right multivitamin for your specific needs is difficult enough as it is, but made more complicated with these factors.

You should seek the advice of a physician before beginning a supplement regimen – chances are, they will be able to direct you to a blend suitable for your particular needs. You also want to look for multivitamins that have been tested in a 3rd party lab and are registered with The FDA to assure the purity and safety of their ingredients.

This way, you will know that the ingredients listed on the bottle are actually in the bottle – and in the indicated amounts. This is especially useful information to have if you are taking other medications and want to make sure your new multivitamin won’t interact negatively with your prescription.

Well Theory: a Better Way to Wellness

a surgeon developed multi that’s different

Dr. Meredith Warner is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with a thriving private practice in Louisiana, USA. Her practice allows her the freedom to treat patients in the best way possible – on an individual basis. It has always been her goal to seek non-operative treatment and functional recovery over surgical or heavy pharmaceutical means of healing. 

This is why Dr. Warner developed her Bone & Joint Multivitamin. This proprietary blend contains the essential vitamins and minerals she recommends for her patients’ pre- and post-op regimens. She handpicked each ingredient in this Multi to boost musculoskeletal health, help reduce joint + muscle inflammation, and promote full-body wellness. Click here to read about why you should consider taking a multivitamin before surgery.

“My goal is to help people age better, age fitter, and enjoy their old age. We’re all going to get old. You can’t stop that

Meredith Warner, MD

Each ingredient in our multi is beneficial and necessary on their own – but together, they make a fantastic impact on your overall health and Bones and joints as they are carefully paired for maximum, and efficient, absorption – including the appropriate dosing of each. 

Instead of going to the store and potentially spending hundreds on large quantities of different vitamins and minerals, you now have a surgeon-curated option available in a single, convenient bottle

Our formulation supports bone, ligament, tendon, and skin health along with a foundation for wound healing. 
Additionally, it has the added benefit of Full Spectrum Hemp cannabidiol to support a healthy response to inflammation via your endocannabinoid system. 

Dr. Warner wanted the perfect multivitamin that would support tissue healing, wound healing, skin, which is integral to wound healing, and then bone and muscle growth – so she could confidently recommend it to her patients and the world. 

What Is IN the multivitamin?

carefully selected ingredients made for you

Each ingredient in our multi is the blend of essential vitamins + minerals Dr. Warner handpicks for her patients – especially those who are considering surgery. 

Full Spectrum Hemp Powder

Full Spectrum Hemp Powder is hemp with beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids. It’s included for its ability to support a healthy response to inflammation and provide you with antioxidants needed to support your overall health.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C boosts the function of the immune system to protect against illness and improves the body’s ability to repair damaged tissue - vital for wound healing & mandatory for collagen formation.

Calcium Citrate

Calcium Citrate is useful in balancing blood calcium levels to promote stronger, healthier bones and prevent the development of conditions such as osteoporosis.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 aids in the body’s ability to absorb calcium to promote bone health and the prevention of bone disorders. It's important to almost every human system.

Magnesium Oxide

Magnesium Oxide regulates magnesium levels to reduce muscle cramps and bone pain. It is also effective for lowering blood pressure, relieving anxiety and depression, and improving sleep quality. This is essential for nerve & muscle function.

Zinc Gluconate

Zinc Gluconate is a mineral that helps to balance zinc levels within the body as well as to promote the healthy growth and development of body tissues. It plays a large role in wound healing & connective tissue development.

Most multivitamins are filled with vitamins you don’t need, in amounts that are unnecessary, or even in ratios that cancel each other out. At Well Theory, we believe that less is more. Dr. Warner made sure to include only the essential nutrients that she recommends for her orthopedic patients, to provide targeted benefits for your musculoskeletal health.

This unique blend is ideal for surgical patients, but a great option for optimizing your overall health. Surgical candidates are often advised to make lifestyle changes so they’re at peak health before and after their procedures – and this multi is designed to do just that.

Why Choose well theory?

natural ingredients. powerful results.

At Well Theory, we are dedicated to providing you with a way to improve your overall health and reduce your pain – safely and naturally.  We believe in helping you build a better lifestyle, holistically and with the guidance of an orthopedic surgeon’s expertise.

In her years of clinical practice, Dr. Warner has often found that in many cases, natural alternatives to heavy pharmaceuticals and invasive procedures can be just as successful or more successful. 

As an orthopedic surgeon, she has to consider the context of the condition she’s treating – how it affects other parts of the musculoskeletal system, and how the treatment will change her patient’s lifestyle. This is why she prefers gentle therapies whenever they can be utilized, because while in many cases they are as effective as mainstream medicine, their impact on the body tends to be less jarring.

With this in mind, Dr. Warner founded Well Theory – and developed our revolutionary new Bone and Joint Multivitamin.

what you can expect from our multi:

one convenient multi for bone + joints

You may begin to feel the health-boosting effects immediately, but consider benefits – like increased energy and improved mood – added bonuses while you’re improving your overall health. Most people begin to feel a difference towards the end of the first month of regular dosage, but the things that are happening inside your body are what counts. 

Nutrients and vitamins that you weren’t receiving from your body are quickly absorbed due to the carefully curated combinations of ingredients. Your bones, joints, and connective tissues are supported and strengthened as well. And our hemp-sourced cannabidiol serves to help reduce overall inflammation, decreasing stress and improving your body’s function.

Anti-inflammatory support + wound recovery support
Joint function and muscle support, calcium assists in bone health
Helps your body with vibrancy in aging, overall health + wellness, vitality

Dr. Warner designed her Bone & Joint Multi to:

  • Help fill the nutritional gaps in your diet 
  • Support a healthy response to inflammation 
  • Promote post-surgical recovery 
  • Pre-surgical optimization 
  • Promote overall musculoskeletal health for bone, joints, tendons, muscles, and ligaments

Choose the multivitamin designed for surgical recovery – filled with ingredients Dr. Warner chooses for her patients every day.

Are you ready to start taking steps towards a more natural + intentional wellness regimen? Act now, curate your new healthy lifestyle, and get steady results. 


Dr. Meredith Warner is the creator of Well Theory and The Healing Sole. She is a board-certified Orthopedic Surgeon and Air Force Veteran.

She is on a mission to disrupt traditional medicine practices and promote betterment physically, spiritually and mentally to many more people. She advocates for wellness and functional health over big pharma so more people can age vibrantly with more function and less pain.

At Well Theory, Our surgeon-designed products are FDA Registered and formulated to help people:

  • Manage the symptoms of musculoskeletal pain
  • Recover vibrantly from orthopedic related surgeries
  • Fill the gaps in our daily diets
  • Manage pain associated with inflammation

Surgeon Formulated
For Your Peace of Mind

Natural Ingredients + Cutting-Edge Medical Breakthroughs.