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Why Dr. Warner Cares

Dr. Warner Here -

I am a board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon who is passionate about helping you live well mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Today, about 16% of the US population is over the age of 65. This will increase to about 21% by 2035. This means that 1 in 5 will be Medicare age. In 1960, one could expect to live until age 79. Now, one can expect to live until age 85 – meaning that if you are 75 today, you can expect to live until the age of 87.

Since we are expected to live to the age of 87, would it not be nice if we aged vibrantly and gracefully?

The Science Behind

aging gracefully

At Well Theory, we are concerned with both how to live longer and how to live better.

Humans seemed to have plateaued in terms of aging to the mid-80s. That is, we can’t seem to get into the 90s and 100s without difficulty.

There is a lot of work being done in anti-aging. Most of this work comes from companies like Well Theory in terms of product development and research. But now, ‘big-pharma’ and their lobbyists want to become involve in the anti-aging movement.

Previously, this was ignored by the larger corporations. Today, there is research being done into patented compounds that isolate single molecules for mass-manufacturing. Rapamycin compounds, sirtuins, senolytics and even metformin are being looked to for abilities to help us age longer.

Although Mark Zuckerberg has stated that ‘young people are smarter’ than older ones, the data does not support this. Most successful start-ups are actually started by those who are middle-aged. Hopefully, a longer and better life will let them reap the rewards of their considerable efforts.

Simple Everyday Tips

to age gracefully

  1. Exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Walking, yoga, and swimming are great ways to maintain your physical health. Find a form of exercise you enjoy, and you’ll be more likely to stick to your new routine.

  2. Drink lots of water. As we get older, our sensation of thirst decreases, but it is especially important to get 6-8 glasses of water a day as dehydration is a serious risk. Mix it up with a glass of juice for vitamin C, or a natural flavor additive.

  3. Don’t smoke. Smoking increases your risk of lung cancer and leads to chronic fatigue as your lungs struggle to take in air. This can interrupt your exercise routine and affect not just your pulmonary health.

  4. Laugh! Studies have shown that laughter can get your body to produce endorphins – thereby reducing pain and improving your mood. Curate a lifestyle that gives you many opportunities to experience joy! 

  5. Eat just a little less sugar than you do today. Building a better lifestyle for yourself doesn’t happen overnight. Incorporate new, small habits that improve your overall well-being every day. 

“My goal is to help people age better, age fitter, and enjoy their old age. We’re all going to get old. You can’t stop that

Meredith Warner, MD

Live Vibrantly With

The Well Theory

Our goal at Well Theory is to help you live longer, better. Because, as we know, you absolutely will live longer in this country. Now, it is important to remain vibrant and functional. We want betterment physically, spiritually and mentally. Longevity is more than just long life – it is a better and longer life. That is what we are about.

Choose Well Theory for resources on full body betterment and products to bolster your wellness so that you can live to your fullest potential.

Dr. Meredith Warner

Orthopedic Surgeon


Dr. Meredith Warner is the creator of Well Theory and The Healing Sole. She is a board-certified Orthopedic Surgeon and Air Force Veteran.

She is on a mission to disrupt traditional medicine practices and promote betterment physically, spiritually and mentally to many more people. She advocates for wellness and functional health over big pharma so more people can age vibrantly with more function and less pain.

At Well Theory, Our surgeon-designed products are FDA Registered and formulated to help people:

  • Manage the symptoms of musculoskeletal pain
  • Recover vibrantly from orthopedic related surgeries
  • Fill the gaps in our daily diets
  • Manage pain associated with inflammation

Surgeon Formulated
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Natural Ingredients + Cutting-Edge Medical Breakthroughs.